Back Kick and Run

Kick and Run

A jump kick in the style of kung fu masters, the strongest kick in the style of "This is Sparta!" and other cool techniques to fight criminals will be your weapon in this new parkour game about escaping from the lair of enemies! Overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, run with all your might. The main thing is not to stumble! No one can stop you if you have time to react to all enemies and obstacles. It's not easy, but do you want to become a real superhero and a master of parkour? You will definitely fall in love with this game because it has: 1. A lot of opponents - from the weakest to powerful bosses; 2. Endless levels; 3. A variety of superheroes; 4. Interesting locations; 5. Cool parkour tricks; 5. Excellent graphics and an adventurous atmosphere. Become a new hero, prove your strength!

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